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Participants and Vendors of Jeep Blitz will need to comply with the following rules and any verbal instructions of Jeep Blitz Staff Members, Trail Guides and Volunteers.  Failure to comply, could lead to the participant/vendor being asked to leave without refund of entry fees.  The following rules are guidelines, not a limited set of regulations.  Jeep Blitz is a family event, everyone should act with integrity and safety in mind at all times.


All vehicles participating in Jeep Blitz should be manufactured by Jeep or Willys.  Exceptions will be made jointly by Jeep Blitz Staff only


No outside alcohol will be allowed at any of the Jeep Blitz activities.


No participant should be or appear to be intoxicated while participating in any Jeep Blitz activity that involves them driving a vehicle


No hot rodding, burn outs, tire squealing, reckless driving, donuts or any other form of uncontrolled or unsafe driving will be allowed at any of the Jeep Blitz activities


No violence is allowed including but not limited to; hitting, punching, kicking, slapping, throwing objects or threatening


Nobody shall enter the Steinjager Obstacle Course prior to event staff opening the course or after event staff has closed the course


All participants should be good neighbors and not trespass on any property not directly used by Jeep Blitz

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